Header Layout
The smartly designed header navigation types allow you to build the headers with unlimited possibilities and advanced options at every aspect like colors, typography, and spacing.

Choosing a layout

Navigate to Theme Options > Header Navigation > Navigation Layout for selecting the layout for your header navigation.
    Header Navigation Layout - Choose the layout you want to build.
    Main Menu Position - Choose the alignment of the main menu from left, center, and right. Works only with first layout type.
    Contained Layout - Enable to put the header content inside the site container.
    Search Icon - Enable or Disable the Search Icon in your site.
    Top Bar - Enable the top bar on your header navigation.
    TopBar Background - Choose a custom background color for the Top Bar.
    TopBar Text - Enter some text or HTML to display in the top bar.
    Social Icons - Choose the social icons to display in the header.
    Social Icons Size - Custom size for social icons.
    Social Icons Spacing - Custom spacing between the social icons.
If the Social Icons list is not visible, then navigate to the Social Media tab in the Theme Options and enable the social media icons by entering the URLs.
Last modified 10mo ago
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